Students Excited for Winter Carnival 

The annual Northwood Winter Carnival is set to return today. The Winter Carnival has been a part of Northwood’s history for many years now and is an important event for many of the students and staff. Students get to enjoy a day off from classes and other commitments while participating in a friendly competition with other members of the school. 

Winter Carnival was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, but it returned in 2021 and was a highlight of the school year for many students. Jacob Jaslow ‘23 is enthusiastic about the winter carnival.  

“As a third year here, I have only experienced one winter carnival, but it was a lot of fun. Everybody is super competitive, and it’s nice to see everyone come together for this event. Everyone in the school is a competitor in something, and it is interesting to see everyone showcase their skillsets.” 

The Winter Carnival is comprised of many different events that occur throughout the day. Each student is assigned to one of four teams, called “Peaks” named after Adirondack mountains: Skylight, Gothics, Big Slide, and Wolfjaws.  

The four peaks compete in 20 events to be the ultimate winner for the day. The events include dodgeball, tug-of-war, curling, broomball, talent show, baking contest, snow football, dogsled race, and many more. The events begin at 9 AM and continue until after dinner. The night concludes with ice cream sundaes in the dining room and music and games in the indoor turf field. 

Winter Carnival is a day that practically every student looks forward to, and Jaslow is no different. “It’s an experience I won’t forget, and I would recommend it to anyone who inquires about it. Roll Gothics.” 


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