Formal Dinner Performance Showcases Music Program

It has been a difficult winter, with sports teams hit by COVID outbreaks and the freezing cold weather has made it difficult to stay motivated. As the Trimester comes to an end, students look forward to the formal dinner. On Wednesday, Northwood hosted an exhilarating formal dinner.

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Formal dinners occur about once per month. It’s an occasion that allows students to dress up and socialize after a long exhausting term. After a scrumptious dinner there was a potent music performance produced by music teacher Mr. Adam Stewart and his students.

“What music will be played after the formal dinner?” Mr Stewart asked in an interview a few days before the show. “We’re doing a nice variety of music that our students have chosen. It is mostly music from movies or the radio, so hopefully our audience will recognize it and enjoy!”

Some of the songs included “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana and “Yesterday” by the Beatles. Students are excited to hear their peers perform these songs.

“We are always trying to do something special to make the formal dinner memorable,” Stewart said. “This time around the formal dinner lined up with the end of the trimester, so my classes have plenty of music to perform. I believe performing is a quintessential part of music learning. This opportunity to perform in front of the community is a chance to benefit our performers and listeners,” Stewart added.

Stewart hopes the music performance after the formal dinner will inspire more students to join the superb music program here at Northwood. “Our program took a brief hiatus prior to my arrival, so in many ways it feels like we’re waking up from a long winter’s nap. Many students are eager to pick up where we left off, while others have their own musical priorities. This gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate what we want out of this program while still prioritizing individual goals. Hopefully I’m doing a good job establishing a safe space to take risks as a performer here at Northwood so that students of all ability levels feel comfortable trying new things.”

The future of the music program is bright, many young talented students here at Northwood are eager to step into the music world and learn new things. Stewart is optimistic about the future of the program. “My plan is to prioritize supporting any music-based student initiatives. This means that if you want to learn an instrument, learn to sing, start a band, or learn to compose music, I’m here to support your goals.”

So far Stewart’s efforts have led to the formation of a Jazz Band and Acapella ensembles as well as monthly Open Mics at The Hub.

“I want each student at Northwood to feel supported exploring their musical curiosity, whether that involves studying to audition for All State, creating content for social media, or even mixing beats to support your freestyling. If you are willing to try, I’m here to support you!”

The formal dinner was a fantastic where students got to dress up, eat some fancy food and listen to some awesome tunes.


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