“Don’t Let Up:” Biesemeyer Encourages at School Meeting Talk 

Director of Alpine Skiing Tommy Biesemeyer (Photo: World Cup Dreams Foundation)

There may be no person who better understands our school’s 2021-22 theme of Resilience than Tommy Biesemeyer, Director of Alpine Skiing. Biesemeyer shared the adversity he faced how he persevered at school meeting on Monday, November 1.

“Don’t let up,” shared the 12-year veteran of the U.S. Ski team, who came back from numerous “career-ending” injuries. Biesemeyer’s list of injuries include, 3 broken hands, a broken jaw, herniated disc, torn lateral and medial meniscus, ACL and MCL (in his left knee), torn ACL and medial meniscus as well as a patella tendon rupture (in his right knee), Achilles’ tendon rupture, post-surgical Achilles’ tendon staph infection, and a broken shoulder. 

Some of his injuries had the worst possible timing. His Achilles’ tendon rupture occurred during the downhill training run, just days before he was supposed to compete in the Olympics. His motto of “don’t let up” helped him persevere through these setbacks.

Biesemeyer announced his retirement from the World Cup during the fall of 2020. Retirement doesn’t mean he’s lost his competitiveness, though. Several months after announcing his retirement Biesemeyer competed in US Nationals, and won his first U.S. National Downhill title. “Don’t take life too seriously,” he said in an Instagram post after his win. 

“As time goes on, it’s easier to reflect on my ski career because it is my own story, and I think kids deserve to know the importance that there’s no one way to be successful.” 


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