Humans of Northwood: Ms. Katie MacCuaig 

I’ve played hockey my whole life. When I was 15 I moved away from home in Massena NY to play on a travel team in New Hampshire. I was there for my sophomore, junior, and senior years. From there I got recruited, and I played hockey there at Holy Cross for four years. I was a political science major. I didn’t really know what to do after graduating college. All I had done my whole life was play hockey. I had never thought about what I wanted to do after. I was looking for jobs throughout the summer, and nothing was really clicking with me. I didn’t really want a 9-5 job because I had been an athlete my whole life. I was used to being busy all the time. At the end of the summer, [Northwood Athletic Director] Trevor Gilligan reached out to me about an opportunity to coach at Northwood. I also teach now too. It’s really nice to coach kids who have the same goals and aspirations that I did. It’s nice to be able to connect with them because I recently went through what they’re going through. We relate on the same topics. Even with other sports like skiing and soccer, it’s cool to be around kids who have similar goals.

As told to Leah DeFilippo ’22 (Photo provided) 


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