New Equipment a Major Upgrade for Ski Team

The Wintersteiger Jupiter is a fully automated tuning and service system for skis and snowboards (Photo: Wintersteiger Company)

The Northwood Ski team will soon get a massive upgrade: a Wintersteiger Jupiter, a fully automated tuning and service system for skis and snowboards.

“The Wintersteiger will grind the base of the ski, put a pattern on creating a fresh layer, take side and base edges down, and will allow taper beveling,” U19 Head Alpine Men’s FIS Coach Mr. Thomas Vonn ’94 said. 

“We will no longer have to outsource to other ski shops who aren’t as high tech as we’re looking for,” Vonn added. “Having the Wintersteiger will show up in the team’s results. Everyone’s skis will feel more consistent, so athletes will be able to push more. It’s like having a car that you know you trust and know you can push to the limit. ”

This is good news to Kieran Delay ’23 is a ski racer known for extreme attention to his equipment. “I’m super excited that we now have the opportunity to keep everything in-house and not have to outsource,” Delay said. “This makes the turn around almost instant.”

Mr. Tommy Bisesmeyer, Director of Alpine Skiing thinks the new equipment will be a competitive advantage for Northwood’s ski program. “In the current state of ski academies, there’s an arms race to see who has the best equipment. The Wintersteiger Jupiter puts us in the lead,” Biesemeyer said.  

Neil Lande, Northwood’s new Ski Technician. (Photo provided)

Mr. Neil Lande, Northwood’s Ski Technician, will be responsible for operating the new equipment. Lande is excited to be running the Wintersteiger. “With the addition of the Wintersteiger Jupiter, we will be able to precisely discuss plans in every variable of our athlete’s skis, allowing them to take their skiing to the next level,” Lande said.

The Wintersteiger will be located in the former girls’ hockey storage building, and is set to arrive early November. The Girls’ Hockey team is now using the former art studio the basement of Bergamini to store their equipment.


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