Race report Whiteface series 

From February 4th to 10th, Whiteface held men’s and women’s divisional FIS series and Northwood athletes have participated in every race. 

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Our FIS men’s team began the series with a GS on the 4th. Rowen Norfolk ‘22 placed 5th and 4th second race, Hugh Dempsey ‘19 placed 4th and 3rd, Ben DeGirolamo ‘21 placed 2nd both races and Andrew Van Slyke 20 won both races.  

Next up was a Men’s and Women’s slalom on the 5th. Norah Dempsey ‘21 placed 2nd and Benni Caloro  ‘21 won both races. Van Slyke placed 2nd 

There was a Men’s GS on the 8th and a SG on the 9th. DeGirolamo finished 3rd first race and Van Slyke placed 5th and 4thOn the 9th, Jake Reynolds ‘19 placed 5th and 4th, Wim Roney ‘18 placed 3rd and 2nd and Van Slyke finished 5th second race.  

The FIS women completed the series with a GS race the on the 10th. Leah DeFilippo ‘22 finished 5th second race with Karleigh Hollister ‘22 4th and Ava Day ‘21 3rd. 

Meanwhile two USSA races were also held at whiteface on the 6th and 7th. Boys were racing on the 6th and Dominick DeGuardia  24 won both races and Girls were on the 7thCaloro placed 3rd and 1st and Audrey HigginsLopez. ‘21 placed 2nd. 

This wraps up the 12 recent Whiteface races. 


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