Humans of Northwood: Rintaro Akasaka ‘20


I am from Tokyo, Japan, and my last name is a palindrome. I am a “four-year survivor.” I have been playing hockey and robotics for four years. In the springtime, I have been doing whitewater kayaking for three years and, if not for COVID-19, I would have done it for the fourth time.

I was considering two schools to attend. Compared to the other school, Northwood was focused both on academics and athletics, so I chose to go to Northwood.  The tight connection between students and that of teachers was something I have never seen before in any of my previous schools. Northwood’s unique aspect of community is still preserved to this day and it should be something that should remain.

I had a great time at Northwood. Every day was busy. It gave me a chance to change the way I approach matters. The fact that Northwood is situated in the middle of the Adirondacks is the best part in my opinion. The nature surrounding Lake Placid is something I can never see in Tokyo.

It is a shame that the completion of the Innovation Hub was delayed. The Hub is something I came to appreciate after spending a lot of time there in the winter and early spring.

– As told to Hadley Swedlund ‘20


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