Humans of Northwood: Marty McDonough ‘20


During my junior year, about a week into the school year, I had a freshman come up to me and say, “I just want to thank you, Marty. You’ve made this place feel like my home and we’ve only been here for a week. I love it here”

I’m from Lake George, New York,  but I also live in New York City for some parts of the year. I’ve been at Northwood for four years. I was a member of the Ski Team at Northwood doing Alpine Ski Racing. I also played lacrosse. I was a member of the legendary cheese club for a couple of years.  I chose Northwood because all three of my siblings went to Northwood before me and it was just natural for me to follow their paths.  I was unsure about Northwood going into freshman year. Leaving my old school and friends behind was a big step for me. I now think of Northwood as my home. After just a couple weeks of being there during freshman year, I loved the place and the people.  I have never been more glad than how glad I am that I decided to go to Northwood School. It is and always will be my home.

– As told to Hadley Swedlund ‘20


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