Humans of Northwood: Ana Spencer ‘20

Fun Fact! I absolutely adore Timothee Chalamet and Harry Styles.

My experience at Northwood was a complete metamorphosis. When I first went to Northwood, I was a skier looking to ski in college. But throughout my four years, I grew into so much more than just a skier. I still have lots of growing to do, but I found my true passions like music and writing. In my senior year, I actually decided to stop skiing competitively. Northwood has really helped me step out of my shell.

I’m from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. It’s the Jersey shore (… but nothing like the show, LOL). I chose Northwood because I wanted to improve in skiing. Also, my dad went to Northwood, so I always thought it sounded like a really cool place. When I first toured Northwood, I fell in love with how small and family-like the school seemed, though I was intimidated. Now I call Northwood my home. It’s definitely going to be weird now that I won’t be there anymore. But my best friends and the faculty that I met there will always be dear to my heart.

I have so many memories at Northwood that it’d be really hard to pinpoint a certain moment. I’d say that the smaller moments were probably the best ones. I loved hiking Cobble with Julia to have dance parties or binge-watching the show Friends in the Paul’s apartment during the winter. I also had so much fun performing in the musicals.

There is so much I’ll miss about Northwood. I’m going to miss my best friends, the community, the first snowfall of the school year, and the chocolate-chip pancakes we had on Fridays for breakfast. I’ll also miss driving through Keene in the fall when it was at its peak foliage, hearing the reactions of the girls’ dorm when a Headmaster’s Holiday was announced, swimming in the lake on a nice day, seeing the first fire in the fireplace, getting ready for formal dinners, and watching the hockey teams absolutely kill it during Northwood Tourney. The biggest thing I’m going to miss is waking up every day in an environment full of endless support and love. But there is is one thing I wish was different about Northwood: the groupings. I found it a bummer that it was always “the skiers” or “the hockey players” or “the soccer players.” I think the Northwood community is so much more than that.

Next year, I plan on going to Wheaton College in Massachusetts. It’s about 20 minutes outside of Providence and 40 minutes from Boston. I’m not sure what I want to major in, but I hope to become a writer or a journalist for an art/music magazine someday.

When I was a freshman, I definitely did not picture myself as the human I am now as a senior. But I wouldn’t change myself for anything. I had ups and downs, but I’m happy with who I have evolved into.

– As told to Olivia Paul ’21


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