Students Experience First Snow. Ever.

’Tis the season to store away flip flops and beach towels and take out winter boots and Santa’s Sleigh.

Winter at Northwood looks something like this: cold students bundled up in winter jackets, hats, and fuzzy blankets, cozy pajamas worn all around the dorms, hot chocolate in the dining hall, and fire glowing hot in the living room fireplace. Lake Placid had its first snow of the year season back in November, after a brief spell of rain, the snow continues to fall.

At Northwood, there are always new students who have never seen snow. All the way from Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, Iva-Amanda and Christie-Ann Nelson ‘23 have never experienced a snowball fight nor made a snow angel or a snowman. “I’m looking forward to making snow angels and just having a lot of fun,” Amanda said. Christie-Anne added, “I’m so excited to play around in the snow. I also want to try different winter sports. I’m very open-minded to a lot of them. I would love to try skiing.” Amanda is also eager to ice skate for the first time in her life.


Amanda (left) and Christie-Ann Nelson, sisters from Saint Lucia, learned to skate on the Cascade Lakes in November.

Though they can’t wait for the fun during wintertime, they are certainly not too thrilled about the cold. “The temperature here is a really shocking and drastic change from how it was like back home,” Christie-Ann said. Amanda agreed. “Although I haven’t fully experienced the wintertime here, as it has just started snowing, I prefer the warmth.”

As we get closer to Christmas, there is yet more snow to come. But as of now, Northwood students are enjoying the beautiful snowfalls as they sip hot chocolate by the fireplace.


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