Drama Club’s Next Play Focuses on Collaboration and Community

seedfolksDuring school meeting on November 11, Ms. Noël Carmichael, Drama Program Director, announced the timeline for the next play. Based on the novel Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman, the play will focus on how diverse characters come together to transform a bleak empty lot into a vibrant community garden. This resonates with Northwood’s theme for this year: community.

Auditions will take place on November 18 and 19, call-backs on November 20, and the show will be performed at Lake Placid Center for the Arts on February 11 and 12. As many as 23 to 75 roles are available in the show, and opportunities for backstage work, such as lighting, props, and costumes, are abundant. For those involved in other extra-curricular activities but would like to participate in the play, specific schedules will be created so that they will only need to attend rehearsals when needed. What is more unique about this show is that it will be a co-production with North Country School, Lake Placid Middle/High School, and homeschoolers around the area.

Click here for a copy of the slides Ms. Carmichael used in her presentation. Stay tuned for our next play, and good luck to everyone auditioning!



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