Humans of Northwood: Olivia McLean ‘21


I am the only girl in the school who snorts when laughing. I’m from South Burlington, Vermont. I decided to come to Northwood because the hockey program at my last school collapsed, and I wanted to continue playing competitively. Outside of hockey, one of my favorite hobbies is kayaking, especially in fast-flowing rivers.

Northwood helps me balance hockey and classes, but I sometimes feel like I get too much work here. I’d much rather have less work that requires more thinking. Especially with all the traveling for hockey, it’s hard to find time to do all the work.

Since I’m living away from home, I miss my mom’s food and hanging out with my dad. I also miss the academic challenges and a lot of the connections I had with the teachers at my old school.

After Northwood, I want to go to college, then law school, then practice criminal defense for a few years, and eventually work my way into the political scene. But I’ll never forget the connections I’ve made here. At Northwood, I’ve learned to love the people around me, like my coaches, teachers, friends, and roommates. They’ve become my second family.

As told to Aimee Headland ’20


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