Humans of Northwood: Aiden LaValley ‘20


Snowboarding in the winter and being out on the lake in the summer are my favorite hobbies outside of hockey.  I’m from Champlain, New York. I made the decision to attend Northwood for my final year of high school because I loved the hockey program and the location of the school. I love the Adirondacks. Although I’m not too far away from home, I miss my friends and my family. I miss all the nights of eating out. I miss sleeping in my own room even though I’m really happy with my roommate here. And last but not least, I miss my puppy.

My experience at Northwood has been great so far. The students are super welcoming and accepting. The teachers and coaches have made the transition from my old school easy, and they’re willing to help with any aspect of my life. At my old school, there were about 50 students in a class. The average class size here is about 10 students or less. I think this makes Northwood unique and very different. Although my athletic and academic commitments don’t leave a lot of space for free time, I also love the excellent athletic programs here at Northwood.

Northwood is a unique opportunity for me, and here, I learn new things every day. I feel like it’ll be hard to forget just about anything about Northwood even after I graduate. After graduation in May, I hope to pursue my hockey career by playing junior hockey.

As told to Aimee Headland ’20


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