TikTok Takes Over Northwood

At Northwood, no phones are allowed in the living room, the dining hall, or the main entrance. But that’s not getting in the way of anyone’s dream to be “TikTok famous.” Lately, Northwood students have been consumed in the latest teenage trend: TikTok.


Senior Danny Colabufo’s TikTok account has been blowing up this fall.

TikTok is a social media for making and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. Only a few of its users get famous, and most don’t. However, regardless of their popularity–or lack thereof–in the app, TikTokers at Northwood tirelessly produce short and fun videos daily, anywhere on campus. Whether in the dorms, the student center, the freshman lounge, the dining hall, or even the living room, where phones technically aren’t allowed, students balance their phones on ledges or prop them up on tables to film themselves.

Many students don’t create content but watch others’ videos on the app. Before, during, and after school, sounds from different videos played on phones come from all around the school. Much of Northwood’s free time is now spent watching TikTok videos.

Two of the biggest Husky TikTokers are Marina Alvarez ‘21 and Daniel Colabufo ‘20. Colabufo came to Lake Placid to complete his last year of high school at Northwood. When he first arrived, he had no interest in TikTok. Within days, he became obsessed with creating short viral videos. His most recent post has over 279,000 views.

Colabufo enjoys his fame. “It feels good. It’s nice to see everyone liking my videos and to watch the views piling up,” Colabufo said. He added, “I originally started using the app with some of my friends as a joke, but it turned out the videos were fun to make, so I continued to make them. Now, my goal is to go TikTok famous.”

Of course, TikTok isn’t for everyone. Cian Murphy ‘22 isn’t a fan of it. “When people are on the stairs making TikToks, they block my path. I have to stop and wait for them to finish, and that annoys me,” said Murphy.

But even the critics are known to watch TikToks. “I do sometimes try and get in the background [of videos]. I also watch them during my free time,” Murphy admitted. “They’re really time-consuming and fun to watch.”

Northwood students are always pressed for time trying to balance academic and extracurricular commitments. But just like Colabufo, they are finding time in between classes, before sports practices or club meetings, and after study hall to fit in their daily Tick Tok time.

This TikTok post by Colabufo has been viewed nearly 400,000 times in three weeks:




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