43rd Mountain Day a Success [Slide Show]

With another year in full swing at Northwood, faculty and students prepared themselves for one of the school’s oldest traditions: Mountain Day. Once every year, the Northwood community steps out of the classroom and into a day of adventure on the beautiful Adirondack mountains.

Preparing for the 2019 Mountain Day, Mr. Don Mellor, the English teacher and renowned  rock/ice climbing coach, separated students into small groups that would each take on an assigned mountain. Last year, the school walked approximately 1,785 miles total–the distance from Northwood to Dallas, Texas. “The shortest hike is somewhere around four and a half miles,” said Mellor. “Regardless of how short or long the hike is, the most important thing is to have a good attitude.”

Mountain Day has been an annual school tradition for 43 years now, and many alumni look back to this tradition as one of their favorite memories at Northwood. However, students today had mixed opinions on the event. Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21 said, “I like Mountain Day because it is a time out of the classroom when we get a great outdoor experience and enjoy the environment we have around us.” Other students stand with Luke Smith 21’. “I feel like a lot of kids don’t like Mountain Day, so there is a negative energy among the students that day.”


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