The “Promposal” Tradition at Northwood

As Prom rolled around the corner, some students prepared small, private “Promposals” where as others planned bigger, showier ones. In the past, some Northwood students have done big promposals in front of the entire school. In recent years, Sam DiBitetto ‘18 and Sean Bunting ‘18 have jumped up with flowers in school meeting for the two girls they wanted ask.


(Photo: Northwood School’s Facebook page)

This year, the first public promposal came from senior Prince Loney Bailey, who asked senior Aimee Headland to Prom. Right after the Prom ticket announcement was made, five of Prince’s friends spelled out “Prom?” and laid a path to Aimee. Prince later said, “I wanted it to be somewhat public, and that’s why I used big letters on the sign. I wanted it to be cute.”


Prince Loney-Bailey (left) and Aimee Headland, both seniors (photo provided).

Many students still planned promposals as a sweet gesture even if they already knew who they were going to Prom with.

Will Arquiett ‘19 shares a common passion for hockey with his girlfriend Marina Alvarez ‘21. They often go out to the tennis courts to shoot pucks, so when Will invited Marina to the courts, she had no idea what her boyfriend had in mind. When she got there, Will had laid out the pucks to spell “Prom.” Marina, of course, said yes.

Senior Mark Kieffer had a more crafty approach to his promposal for his girlfriend Ana Spencer ‘20. Mark made a bracelet just for Ana that said “Prom?” and also picked up Ana’s favorite drink, Kombucha, with some flowers.

Ella Fessette ‘21 and Jared Lambright ‘19 often do their homework or watch a movie together in the Freshman Lounge. Since Ella’s favorite snack is popcorn, Jared asked her, “I know it’s kind of corny that we always hang out here, but want to pop over to the golf house for Prom with me?” But Jared wasn’t the only one who used a pun.

Junior Trent Seger got help from his friends to ask his girlfriend Maggie Macneil, also a junior, out to Prom. He wrote up a pun that referenced Maggie’s homeland, Canada, that he and his friends came up with. His poster read, “I know you’re from up North, but would you like to get down at Prom with me?”

Recently, smoothies were added to Northwood’s vending machines, and Trevor Souza ‘19, my boyfriend, offered to buy me one. When I agreed, he put the smoothie down on a counter with a stack of notecards. The card on the top said, “I hope this is smooth(ie) enough,” with the following cards saying “PROM?” Hard to say no to such a smooth pun.


Trevor Souza ’19 used a smoothie as a prop in his “promposal,” (photo provided).


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