Fun Things to do Outside During the Lake Placid Winter

With the air crisp and cool, the mountains layered with fresh powder, and the pond frozen thick enough to skate on, the winter of Lake Placid is magical. While most Lake Placid locals and Northwood students take advantage of the wonderful winter environment by skating, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and many others, some of us students who are new to the village may not know how to enjoy these winter activities. I am here to tell you first-timers how to have fun while staying safe here in Lake Placid.


MIrror Lake in the Winter

You have plenty of opportunities to play pond hockey this winter on Mirror Lake. All you need is a pair of skates and a hockey stick, although wearing gloves and a helmet would be a good idea. If you are new to pond hockey and/or want to play during the daytime, I suggest that you go right by the town dock across from the park. There are usually other people out there playing on the ice, and some of them are beginners as well. If you are a more advanced pond hockey player, and/or it’s getting dark, I suggest skating on the pond near a restaurant called Smoke Signals. You will find two regulation hockey nets and multiple lights that will allow you to see despite the dark. If you just want to ice skate, next to this hockey area is a little skating track, which is open to everyone. If you want an out-of-this-world skating experience, however, I recommend skating on the path that has been cleared around the lake. It’s over 2 miles long and makes walking a nature trail feel like child’s play.



Whiteface Mountain


Skiers and snowboarders, Whiteface is your prime location. But don’t worry even if you’ve never skied or snowboarded before. Mr. Jim Dingle, who is in charge of the recreational ski and snowboarding program at Northwood, will be more than happy help you get a ski pass and any equipment you’ll need. Just make sure to stay on the trails, because while watching someone else ski into a tree on YouTube might be funny, you won’t find skiing into a tree yourself too entertaining.


Bobsledding and Skeleton

If the sliding sports are more up your alley, then try bobsled or skeleton at Mount Van Hoevenberg. Northwood doesn’t offer any programs for these sports, but Mr. Matt Roy, who was a member of the 1988 Olympic Bobsled team and later the Executive Director of the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, frequently brings interested students out to these ice tracks. You may win some medals at local bobsled competitions, even if you’re a beginner, because not many people try the sport. Check out the website links below if you are an aspiring slider!


The Toboggan Chute on Mirror Lake is fun for the whole family.

If you think that sledding is fun, then you would be in for a real treat if you visited the Toboggan Chute on Mirror Lake.  Open every winter since the 1960’s, this giant, elevated ramp can be seen right near the Mirror Lake beach. You and your friends each pay $15 for the day ($10 for students), and then you and your friends can fly down the ice chute all the way down to mirror lake, at which point you will then shoot across the 1,000 feet of snow-cleared pond ice until you are eventually stopped by your own friction.  This is a great things to do this winter with your friends, and it is also one of the safer winter activity options available. For more info on this exciting activity and an updated schedule of when they are open, just click here.

As you can see, Lake Placid is full of opportunities to try out different winter activities. Now it’s up to you to take the initiative and make your winter exciting here in town.


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