Nineteen Students Take Home Awards at Banquet



Award-winners posed with their plaques following the 2018 Co-Curricular Awards Banquet.


The Annual Co-Curricular Awards Banquet awarded twenty awards to nineteen student-athletes. This was the last formal dinner before graduation, recognizing individual athletes that are characterized by the concept that there is no “I” in team. Each coach chooses one student that they thought represented each award best and shared attributes of the athlete.

Before the presentation of the awards ceremony Mr. Riffle, who is the Director of Athletics delivered an excellent summary of the school’s athletic achievements from the season.  He also touched on with the help of assistant coach Getz the Women’s Ice Hockey team shattered the schools record for best seasonal record.


Students at the 2018 Co-Curricular Awards Banquet. Photo: Ms. Christine Ashe.


Students at the 2018 Co-Curricular Awards Banquet. Photo: Ms. Christine Ashe.

“The returning group enjoyed many successes last season, and that translated over to this year.  We had some talented players and then we had a core group who understood their role on the team and played it extremely well.  There was rarely a time the coaches had to question their effort, the execution was not always there, but they did a nice job being consistent in their level of effort.”- Mr. Riffle Athletic Director

Sarah Donatello ’18 was the only student that took home two awards, one in tennis and the second being the CARE service award. She also won last year for girls lacrosse.

Northwood is including students who do not wish to play sports by allowing them to participate in co-curricular activities, such as robotics, community service, theatre, art, and music, outside of traditional athletics.

“ In previous years it has been the ‘Sports Banquet,'” said Dean of Students and Athletic Director Mr. Gino Riffle. “Now, as we begin to add programs such as drama and music and art to the co-curriculum program, we should evaluate how we celebrate those participating.  I am not sure yet if that means we will recognize all co-curricular activities at the banquet or do something different so their accomplishments are celebrated. We will be figuring out the best way to move forward as we do our yearly review.”

Sport 2018 Recipients Coach
Boys Soccer Fin Ulrick Mr. Tom Broderick
Alpine Skiing Joanna Rosenbluth Mr. Terry DilliQuadri
Alpine Skiing Ben DeGirolamo Mr. Terry DilliQuadri
Freestyle Skiing Kevin Xiao Ms. Hannah Doan
David Phelps/Kimbal Award Imani Rodriguez Mr. Terry DilliQuadri
Crew Jessica Jang Mr. Howard Runyon
RockClimbing Sarah Coombs Mr. Don Mellor
JR. Hockey Sam DiBitetto Mr. Chadd Cassidy
Prep Hockey Wyatt Friedlander Mr. Jeff Silengo
Girls Hockey Nikki Kendrick Mr. Gino Riffle
Whitewater Rintaro Akasaka Mr. Nemec and Mr. Roy
Basketball Jax Song Mr. Weaver and Mr. Martin
Girls Lacrosse Olivia Skriloff Mr. Tim Weaver
Boys Lacrosse Drew Rose Mr. Jamie Welsh
Ted Boardman Award Safwaan Khan Ms. Haggs and Mr. Martin
Ted Boardman Award Sara Donatello Ms. Haggs and Mr. Martin
Golf Zach Ellsworth Mr. Jeff Silengo
Mountain Biking Magnus Sheffield Mr. Nielsen and Mr. DelliQuadri
Robotics Isaac Newcomb Mr. Jeff Martin
CARE Service Award Sara Donatello Ms. Aerie Treska


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