Robotics Team Plans for Future

With drills churning into metal, screwdrivers turning screws, metal scraps everywhere, and remnants of prototypes strewn about, the robotics room at Northwood is just pure chaos. The instructor, Mr. Jeff Martin, and his team have been working throughout the year to build robots for competition and to get a head start for next season. In addition to that, the team is working to write up grant proposals to send out to sponsors like NASA to fund their projects.

Every member of the team has a role to fill, but one individual student, Andrew Van Slyke ‘20, is working with robotics captain Isaac Newcomb ‘19 to figure out new techniques and programming skills to get the robots fired up and ready to go for the fall.

“Currently we have several projects going on, some of which include programming two or three more robots,” said Van Slyke, “as well as writing a proposal for companies such as NASA to sponsor us for the future so we can get more money and robot parts to build bigger, better, and stronger robots to increase our knowledge,” he said.

Rintaro Akasaka ‘20 is working diligently on writing up a convincing proposal to send out to sponsors. He’s collaborating with Mr. Martin to send out the most persuasive proposal possible.

“Right now I’m preparing written materials to share with future sponsors. I guess we will solicit some lumber shops and some tool companies next week for some improvements,” said Akasaka. “I am honored to take on this task and looking forward to negotiating to the best of my ability to get these sponsors to help our robotics team for the future,” he said.


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