Hockey Players Hit Gym in Offseason Workouts

The hockey season may be over, but the boys are still at it. Yes, it is the offseason, but that only means go harder. Spring workouts are here and in full swing.

It is a three day per week program, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday consists of lower body work, Wednesday is upper body, and Friday is full body conditioning. Workouts begin at 6:30 am, while the rest of the school is still asleep.

“It is good for us,” said Andrew Gilbert ‘18. “It is a good opportunity to build strength and stay in good shape before we go into our summer programs.”


Andrew Gilbert ’19 doing Battle Rope. (Photo: Mr. Chadd Cassidy)

Mondays and Wednesdays are tough, but Fridays are the days that push your limits. With sets of Sled Push, Battle ropes, and more, Friday’s workout gets the blood pumping and the heart going. “It was a bag for sure,” said Tommy Bannister ‘20 after Friday’s workout. “Definitely a day that pushes you to your limits. It is good, though. We need it.”


Barrett Ott ’19 doing split squats. (Photo: Mr. Chadd Cassidy)

While these workouts are primarily for Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman, Seniors Patrick Callahan and Sam Dibitetto still attend. Patrick and Sam were both leaders on the Junior team this season, and their leadership continues to show. Dibitetto said, “Why wouldn’t I take advantage of it? I only have a month left here. I get to be with the boys and keep my body a temple. It’s the best of both worlds.”

With the first week complete, the group looks to continue to push themselves and get better each week.


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