Students Enjoy Break Far From Lake Placid

When students returned to school on Sunday, it was apparent from all of the tan faces that many of them traveled far from the cold and icy Northeast. I was able to talk to a few students about their trips.

Sara Donatello ‘18 and her family went to Costa Rica. It is funny because my family went over winter vacation, and we did the same activities as them. When talking to Sara, she said her family, “went surfing, zip lining, river tube rafting, horseback riding, hiking and just hung out on the beach.” She said zip lining was her favorite.


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Jan Magnus Larson ‘18 and his family went on a long cruise. Jan first went to Florida for a few days then his cruise took off. The cruise stopped in Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico, his favorite stop.


Jan Magun Larsen ’18 and family on their cruise. (Photo provided)

Jerkko Ramo ‘19, and Santeri Hartikainen ‘18 were both able to travel back home to Finland for the break. For Santeri, this was second time back home, and for Jerkko, it was his first trip home since school started. “It was awesome to be able to go home” said Jerrko. “I was able to see my family and friends. It was nice to sleep in my own bed”. He even came back with a haircut. Santeri said, “It was good to see my family again. It’s always nice to eat traditional Finnish food and hang with friends.”


Jerkko Ramo ’19 relaxing at home in Finland.

Alex Ray ‘19 and his family went to Abu Dhabi, which is near Dubai. “I loved being with my family and playing golf in the warm weather,” said Alex. After his trip Abu Dhabi, Ray went back home to Sweden for the remainder of Spring Vacation.

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After a relaxing spring break, it’s time to grind it out and finish off the year strong before summer vacation begins.


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