Fantasy Basketball Takes Hold at Northwood

Fantasy-Basketball-badgeIt is that time of year again. No, not the leaves changing color or the temperature getting cooler. Its nearing the start of the NBA season, which means Fantasy basketball. Fantasy sports are a pretty big deal during their respective seasons. Football, baseball, hockey, golf, and more are played on Fantasy. But, there is none like basketball. To the students here at Northwood, it is no joke.

Fantasy basketball is officially up and running at Northwood school. A group of ten students have started a league this year, and to those students, this is serious business. The league recently had their draft night, in which each player was able to pick the players they wanted, if they were available.

Sam DiBitetto ‘18 is the commissioner of the league. It is not an easy role, but he makes it look easy. He was optimistic about the season. “It’s going to be a good one,” he said. “A lot of guys want to get in there and compete and really dominate the league.”

With only 10 guys in the league, there will be some heated games. DiBitetto is confident in his draft performance. “I don’t want to say I have the best team, but I have the best team. Cody Monds ‘20 as a good team as well, with Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Matt Shanklin ‘19 is basically the Cleveland Cavaliers.”

Pat Callahan ‘18, talked about trades in the league. “Trading in our league is a big deal. A lot of guys want to offer some big deals, for some big players. I currently have Lebron James. Everyone in the league wants him, but none will offer the right deal.” Callahan said the boys love playing because it gives them something outside of hockey, which they play for Northwood. “It is a lot of fun because we are able to mess around with each other, have some fun with a different sport. We all love basketball, and Fantasy gives us the chance to have fun with it.”

The NBA season has not started yet, so it is just a waiting game until the games get up and running for the league. The league members are excited to get going. Sean Bunting ‘19 said, “I’m pumped, it is going to be a lot of fun”. DiBitetto added, “like I said, I think I have the best team. It is win or bust for me.”

With that being said, the league is in full motion and will start playing games when the NBA season opens on October 18. Look out for updates as the season gets going.


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