Uber Comes to Northwood


Photo credit: North Coast Courier

Northwood students can now request rides to town using their smartphones. Uber and Lyft became available in Lake Placid over the summer, and could change how students get around town.

The popular ride-sharing apps were officially launched in 2011 in San Francisco, but until this summer, New York state only had Uber in New York City. State legislation expanded the services to upstate.

Ian started driving for Uber a few weeks ago and drove some Northwood students to town recently. He said he and other drivers choose to work when it’s convenient for them. “Most of the drivers won’t work on a regular basis. Instead they work every now and then.” Because of the uncertain schedule, it’s uncertain if drivers will be available when Northwood students want rides.

Lake Placid is a small community, and there aren’t many drivers signed up for Uber and Lyft. “We have less than ten available Uber drivers,” said Ian. Most people who have used the ride sharing services have reported that when you do get an Uber, it is a clean and fast way to get into town.

This reporter took an Uber to Mr. Mike’s pizza. The ride was quick and pleasant. The cost of the ride was only  $7.35. Uber has started to gain popularity with Northwood students, and it is recommended that you share the Uber experience with others, and enjoy the popular ride sharing service.


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