Northwood Students Have Much to Do in the Winter

There is no reason for Northwood students to hibernate during a Lake Placid winter. Northwood School offers co-curricular activities such as skiing and ice climbing. The village of Lake Placid and the surrounding area provide a lot of options as well.

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Students can go skate on the lake, or rent speed skates and skate on the oval where Eric Heiden won five gold medals in the 1980 Winter Olympics Games. There is so much do in the winter. Students can go down the bobsled race track. Bobsledding is a sport where you have two or four teammates and you go down an icy racetrack with a number of wild turns. There is also a newly-rebuilt toboggan shoot where riders slide for several hundred yards onto Mirror Lake. Students can hire a dog sled team for a ride Mirror Lake.

Lake Placid has all year-round activities that Northwood students can take part in. We always have something to do, because Lake Placid and the Adirondacks offers students so much.

Maybe the greatest part of Lake Placid is that most of the fun is created by Mother Nature. The snow, the ice, the mountains are all gifts of nature.


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