Northwood Mourns Loss of Mrs. Moore

The following letter was sent to parents, alumni, students and other member of the Northwood School community on Monday, February 6, the day the school learned of Mrs. Moore’s death:
To the Northwood School Community:
It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform the Northwood School community that our dear friend and colleague Kathie Moore has passed away. She died at home this weekend after a brief illness. I informed students today at a school meeting, and the community has been sharing their memories and grief at an impromptu memorial outside of Kathie’s office. School counselor Don Mellor, advisors, and the wide network of supportive adults are available to help students mourn this loss.


Mrs. Moore with Baxter.

Kathie was the first person to greet most people who came through the doors of Northwood, and her warm and welcoming smile made everyone feel at home. Hundreds of graduates remember her patience as they navigated the college search and application process, and the teachers and counselors who advised them appreciate how she kept them organized and punctual. She is also remembered as persistent: Her ability to track down a student who lost her phone or a teacher with a past-due recommendation are legendary in the boarding school world.

Kathie was a true professional, and all that is needed for this year’s college guidance is filed and ready to go.

Baxter, her constant companion, was a favorite of many students and teachers. He will be well taken care of by a family member.

Her family plans to hold a memorial service for Kathie in the spring, and we will share the details of those services when they are available.

I conclude with the words of Northwood School students, who wisely dedicated the 2013 yearbook, Epitome, to Kathie:

“Most of us do not realize that while we are on breaks, Ms. Moore is in her office working on our applications, transcribing and compiling recommendations and submitting school reports. After all of this, when we come back to school, she has enough smiles and hellos to warm an Adirondack winter.”


Michael J. Maher
Head of School


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