Students Thrive in Extracurricular Clubs


Some of the student leaders of CARE with advisor Ms. Annie Edards

Northwood School may be known for elite-level sports and top-notch academics, but there are also many other extra curricular activities for students and teachers to participate in. Some of the clubs currently active at Northwood include CARE, GSA, Sustainability, and the Diversity club.

CARE is the community service club advised by Ms. Annie Edwards. Causes CARE has supported in the past and plans to support this year include Relay for Life, Lee Denim Day, North Elba Christmas Fund, Families First, Jeans for Teens, Pink the Rink, Shoe Drive, and Making Blankets for the Nursing Center.

GSA stands for Gay-Straight Alliance, and they are concerned with LGBTQ youth as well as celebrating and creating community awareness of LGBTQ issues with projects such as Ally Week, Coming Out Day, Pride celebrations, and participating in the Day of Silence. The GSA is advised by Ms. Lucy Schoedel and led by Hannah Kessel ‘18.

The Sustainability Club was formed in order to launch greener school initiatives such as recycling and reducing plastic waste. Advisor Mr. Tyler Eaton, along with many students in the past, have been able to get new filtered water bottle filling stations for the school and last year offered blender bottles, with the Northwood seal, in hopes to reduce non-reusable plastic water bottle consumption around school.

The Rockets Club, advised by faculty rocketeer Mr. Matt Roy, is going strong and meets regularly. Beginning this year, Rockets has a regular slot in the co-curricular activities program.

The new Diversity Club is in the beginning stages and Mr. John Spear, who is advising the club with Ms. Linda D’Arco, describes it as an organization of students and teachers who are committed to making Northwood welcoming for everyone.

Other potential clubs that could emerge this year at Northwood School Include the Baking Club, Drama Club, Book Club and Cheese Club. The Baking club was an idea from student Aude-Marie ‘18, who says, “I would like to start the club during winter schedule, on Mondays, when we have a lot of free time, with the help of Ms. Miller.” The book club is said to be started by Ms. Middleton and Mrs. Edwards later this year. The Drama club in the past has put on several productions with the help of former faculty spouse Mrs. Betsy Randall. This year, Amanda Hinge ‘17 has plans to keep drama alive at Northwood. Lastly, Cheese Club, which was started by Dillon Smith ‘16 last year and was a big hit, may appear up again this year, but no clear information has been given.


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