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At Northwood, there’s a special trust between the faculty and the students so that students have the privilege to go into the village of Lake Placid during the weekends. There are few prep schools out there that let their students go get dinner or catch a movie by themselves. We have a really good system to know which students are at school and which students are in town. Northwood school uses regular check ins, where all students must go and cross off their names from a list of students and write next to their names where they are going, so the teachers know where they are in the event of an emergency. The check in times are at 10:30 am, 5:45 pm, and 9:30pm.

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Our weekend is packed with all kinds of activities that the faculty organizes for students. Faculty teams are on weekend duty and they offer programs that students will enjoy. Since we are located in Lake Placid, we can do things that other prep schools can’t: we have the Olympic Village, lakes, rivers, mountains, a vibrant art center and a thriving resort town.

A Sample of Weekend Activities
Swimming at the beach
Movie Bus
Full Moon Hike
S’mores/fire at the beach or pavilion
Trip to Burlington
Fitness Center
Saranac Lake Football Game
Blues Music at John Brown Farm
Jitney Runs
Waterfall hike and ice cream/pie

* activities from a weekend in September 2016

This reporter conducted a survey on students’ favorite weekend activities. Here are the results:

  • Dinner with friends 75%
  • Movies 56%
  • Cliff jumping 49%
  • Hanging out at school 32%
  • The beach 24%
  • Emma’s 24%
  • Bowling 12%
  • Hiking Cobble 10%
  • Mini golf 8%

Massena native Wyatt Wilmshurst ‘17 says he prefers to have “dinner with friends, because I like to get a good meal in me after a long week and I enjoy hanging out with the boys. I also chose bowling because I don’t bowl that much and it’s fun especially with the boys. Finally, I chose cliff jumping because it’s a good stress reliever and it’s reckless with the boys.”

Kimberly Ellis, a senior from Scarsdale says she enjoys “the movies because it is a nice place to relax with friends after a long week of classes and practice. I also chose going out to dinner with friends because it is a great way to get into town while also spending time with friends, making meaningful relationships, and having fun conversations. Lastly, I chose cliff jumping because I want to take all the advantages that Lake Placid has to offer. Cliff jumping is a great way to overcome fear or kick off a weekend with a surge of adrenaline.”

Northwood’s weekends are packed with multiple kinds of activities which gives many opportunities to try something new. Activities like rock climbing/ice climbing  with Mr. Mellor or a camping/ski trip with Mr. Dingle always give you something different to try and learn.


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