Faculty Alumni Share “Eddy” Stories


Mr. Jeff Edwards “Eddy” (right) with longtime colleague Mr. Don Mellor ’71. (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Maris Van Slyke ’15 interviewed all eight faculty who have graduated from Northwood, and one name was mentioned often, especially by the younger teachers.  Mr. Edwards, or “Eddy” was on the Northwood faculty from 1985 until 2011 and taught English, sociology, anthropology, environmental science, among others. He was the Director of College Guidance, faculty advisor for The Mirror, rock and ice climbing instructor and so much more. Here’s a taste of what his former students said about one of their favorite teachers.

Audio recorded and edited by Maris Van Slyke ’15. Introduction by Mr. John Spear. Faculty featured: Mr. Tyler Eaton ’00, Mr. Jeff Nemec ’05 and Ms. Katie Haggerty ’09.


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