Students Enjoy the Rope Swing at Paul Smith College

Photo: Mr. Bobby O’Connor.

This past weekend, Mrs. Fagan and Bobby took a group of students on an afternoon trip over to Paul Smiths College. This was originally supposed to be a trip to the Wilmington Flume, but plans had to change due to dangerously high water levels. Instead, some of the guys asked if the group would be able to go to the rope swing at PSC. I happened to be on the trip so I can speak firsthand of the experience. Although there were some scary moments and close calls, it was a lot of fun.

Photo: Mr. Bobby O’Connor.

Once the drive to PSC was completed, we had to trek through the woods a bit to get to the spot. After the short walk, we came across a rope hanging from a tree and a platform where the real fun began. At first, I can admit this swing was intimidating, and I know for one that I made a fool out of myself for standing on the platform for about five minutes before I worked up the courage to finally swing off. Others weren’t so nervous. Many of the hockey boys and the ski girls just went right along and swung off like it was nothing. Some kids even went back to try flips and gainers. One of the boys, Ben Plucinski, figured he had to prove himself since he was from Alaska, so he attempted multiple times until he finally got half a gainer. Some of the others, though, weren’t so fortunate. Like anything that boosts adrenaline, there is a risk that is packaged with it. One student swung a little low and hit his foot on a root. Luckily Bobby was prepared with a med kit and could wrap his foot up so it would be safe until we got back to school. A girl let go too early and was surprised by how fast the water came to meet her, and that knocked the air out of her. Although both these students were involved in accidents, they handled it very well and didn’t let it affect the overall fun that was experienced.

All in all, it was a great experience despite a few scares. I want to thank Mrs. Fagan and Bobby for helping us get out in the Adirondacks and experience these great activities that we couldn’t do in the winter. I believe the whole group had a great time, and we made the best of a situation that, in the beginning, was almost canceled. To the rest of the students, make sure you go out and enjoy these activities because the end of the year is coming quickly. Don’t regret that you didn’t get in on one of these great experiences!


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