Human of Northwood: Mathis Nolet-Gagne ‘23

Mathis Nolet-Gagne (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

I am from Quebec City, Canada, and I am a senior. In my family, I have two older brothers and my dad and my mum. I joined Northwood two years ago, and I used to go to a French school in Canada. I started looking for a school where I could play a high level of soccer and get an education. My hobbies include hiking, reading books, and listening to music. I don’t have a favorite artist because I am a person who listens to all types of music. So far, I’ve loved Northwood every year I have been here. I have been able to meet new and unique individuals. My favorite class at Northwood has been AP Bio. I find it very interesting.

As told to AJ Etumnu ‘25


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