It’s Spring Break, and Northwood Students are Going Around the Globe!

Beginning March 31st, the Northwood community is starting our long-awaited spring break! After a long first half of the semester and the end of all winter sports and their successful seasons we will embark on a two weeklong break. Here are some examples of where just a few students and teachers will travel.

Lawson Sorokan ’24 is visiting Toronto to see his family and friends.

Ms. Kelly Carter is going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for her aunt’s 5th wedding with her husband and children.

Drew Donatello ’24 is going to Naples, Florida, with his parents.

Darryl Cooper ’25 is going to St Lucia with his parents and younger siblings.

Caroline Purcell ’24 is traveling with her boyfriend’s family to St Martin.


Morgan Smith ’24 will travel with her parents and siblings to Louisiana to visit her grandparents and aunts.

Markus Sumi ’24 is returning home to Toronto Canada.

Jozef Zilinec ’24 is going home to Slovakia to see his parents.

Sophia Schupp ’24 will compete in ski races in Aspen, Colorado, the first week and then continue her stay there, joined by her parents and brother.

Reid Fesette ’25 is traveling to Florida with his parents.

Hung Nguyen ’25 is flying to Denver, Colorado, by himself to explore the city.

Will Winemaster ’23 is returning home to Chicago to see his family.

Nori Fitzimmons ’24 is traveling with her friend’s family to the coast of California to see extended family.

Maegan Byrne ’24 will look at colleges and then go to Turks and Caicos with her family and younger siblings.




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