Dorm Room Tour: Sophia Sherman ’25

Welcome to Sophia Sherman’s dorm room. Sophia Sherman is a sophomore at Northwood from Virginia. She is an independent student who does NOC and ski club. Sophia lives in a single on 2nd west.

Sophia has used a variety of colors and fun lights to make her room bright and fun. She acquired most of her decor at home from a surf shop on the beach, while other things are more personal decor items.

On the wall above her bed, she displays her prayer flags from Nepal created by monks who live near Everest and other big expedition locations. She also has the certificate she received for hiking Mt Kilimanjaro and some stickers from things she has collected.

Sophia has a record wall at the end of her bed with all her favorite albums or artists. She has a larger collection of records by her bed and a record player on the shelf by the window.

On the bulletin board at the back of Sophia’s desk, she has a variety of plane tickets from all the trips she’s done this year and polaroid photos of her friends taken from her trip to Red Rocks.

Sophia also has a trunk from her stepdad when he was in the Marine Corps. They were all issued trunks, and this trunk was given to Sophia’s mom when she was on deployment and later given to Sophia. She brings the trunk to summer camp and now to Northwood, where it serves as a storage space and a seating area.


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