Humans of Northwood: Devin Bard ’23

I am a first-year senior from North Falmouth, MA. I found out about Northwood through my hockey advisor, who recommended it. I decided to come to Northwood to pursue hockey and be the best player I can be. Next year, I plan to PG at Northwood and hopefully, after that I will find a junior team to play for.

I aim to play hockey as long as I can and use it to help me get into a good school. In college, I would like to do something in history or English. History is my favorite class; I think it’s the most interesting. I like watching Family Guy or playing Xbox with my friends in my free time.

So far, I think Northwood is a lot of fun. I’m surrounded by a lot of like-minded people who drive me to push further and drive myself to work harder, and see how far I can take hockey. I like the people at Northwood, and it is starting to feel like my home away from home.

As told to Maegan Byrne ’24. Photo by Michael Aldridge.


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