Food Service Gets High Marks

Some of the Northwood food service team while they prepared for lunch recently. From left to right: William Mott, Adam Fischer, Adrianne Peck, and Jim Bennett (photo: Mr. John Spear)

The school year is off to a fantastic start. Students from all over the world are adjusting to Northwood life. A major part of life at Northwood is the food. The food here at Northwood is extremely diverse. Several dishes from all over the world give students a taste of different cultural foods. Food in general can be a source of happiness and can unify people. This year, the Northwood chefs have stepped it up a notch. The food has been sublime and there have been several new dishes that have pleasantly surprised returning students.

Cedric Lemaire ‘24 has been impressed with the food. “It has been very pleasing so far. The food has improved, and I am all for it. The chefs have also been hardworking and polite which makes the whole dining system more attractive.” He also noted the chefs are always good at making new students feel welcome. “This year my favorite meal has to be Jerk Chicken and rice. The seasoning on the chicken is unreal. My favorite dessert must be the chocolate pie,” added Lemaire.

An incredibly significant part of the food here at Northwood is the kitchen staff. The Northwood community must appreciate the challenging work the staff put into making meals every day. Leo Doyle ‘25 said, “My experience with the kitchen staff has been excellent. I am happy that the staff is extremely nice and positive. It has been a lot easier settling in because of them.” Leo already has a favorite dish. “The fried chicken and chips is the best. The fries are super crispy and tasty, which complements the crunchy fried chicken. My favorite dessert must be the ice cream sandwiches. Ice cream is such a subtle way to end a meal,” he added. Fried chicken has become a new favorite for many students this year. “The food here is surprisingly better than what I anticipated. I heard negative things about the food at Northwood, but it has turned out much better than what I heard,” Doyle said.

The Northwood food has been great so far, which has pleased numerous students. The staff is working harder than ever, so it is particularly important that we recognize their demanding work. Hopefully, the food at Northwood will keep improving as it is a major part of life at Northwood.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, make sure you contact the kitchen staff. Every week they ask for suggestions in the weekend meal survey.


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