Catching Up with Jan Korec ‘22

Jan Korec ’22 in action for Northwood (photo provided).

For those of you who did not get the pleasure of meeting Jan, he was a student and member of Northwood’s Prep hockey team last year. He has since moved to Iowa to play for the Des Moines Buccaneers in the USHL, the top junior league in the U.S. Those who knew him can attest that he had a big impact on Northwood, and it is only right that we see how he is doing now.

Jan is now living with a billet family where his life revolves around playing for the Buccaneers. Jan said, “We are on the ice for 2 or more hours every day paired with intense workouts.” Although hockey plays a big role in Jan’s life, he was also known for taking his academics extremely seriously, so it comes as no surprise that Jan is continuing his education by learning about the fundamentals of coding and computer science. There is no doubt that Jan will be prepared for college when the time comes.

I asked Jan if he felt Northwood prepared him for this next step academically and athletically. He was quick to share that he felt it did. “Northwood has been a very important stepping stone for me to be able to move on and play at this level.” He also felt that the “academic environment helped me get used to college-level courses.” Compliments to both the hockey program and the academics here at Northwood.

Jan Korec ’22 (photo: Des Moines Buccaneers)

Having had the pleasure of playing and being classmates with Jan, I can say he pursued excellence in both areas of life, never letting himself fall behind in either. A true embodiment of the Northwood core values. Jan’s goal this year is to develop in Des Moines and ultimately be ready for Boston College next fall. A goal that will take both his academic and athletic ability to achieve.

Jan was a great role model during his time at Northwood and it is easy to see why. Students now should look at Jan and aspire to follow in his shoes. You don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate the commitment Jan continues to have for his goals. Always taking the extra step to get ahead whether that be stretching in his room or visiting with teachers to make sure he is doing everything he can to get the results he wants. These habits will help Jan excel in his life beyond Northwood.

It will no doubt be exciting to see how Jan continues his journey, in Des Moines and eventually Boston College. I wish him luck with his goals and although I only broke the seal on Jan Korec, I hope you enjoyed Catching Up with Jan Korec.


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