Headmaster’s Council Works to Improve School

The Headmaster’s Council is a group of about eleven returning students in the senior class. A unit selectively chosen by Head of School Mr. Michael Maher, in consultation with former students, administrators, and teachers, to ensure that it is a hardworking and diverse group of students working cohesively to make Northwood a more positive environment.  

The purpose of this group was introduced by Mr. Maher when he began in 2015, an idea he brought from previous schools he worked at. He thinks that to run a high functioning school it is important to have a group of students helping. They give honest insight into what is seen from their peers and their own perspectives, with the goal of helping the constant development of Northwood’s values.  

James Schneid ’23

Abby Sinclair ’23

The Mirror talked to a few people that work in this group and they had some interesting and different perspectives about the school, and how they believe it can be improved. Mr. Maher, the core leader of this council, uses this group to readjust the social dynamic of the school and to take charge of large responsibilities that we feel passionate about. Some current goals he mentioned that the group is working on: a safer environment where students can express themselves, reinforcing rules about a more respectful outlook of the beautiful building that we use, a smarter approach at the collision between athletics and academics, and some ways we can take better advantage of the surrounding areas, forests, and town our school is in.  

Abby Sinclair ’23, an independent from Long Island, said she wants a “good vibe” for the year. But she is also looking for a change in school dynamic and the way cohorts intermix. James Schneid ’23, a hockey player from Syracuse, is working to make a memorable senior year with his fellow classmates and is passionate about changing the meal plans at Northwood to better sustain athletes. It is important to make the Northwood community more inclusive and welcoming so that everyone is comfortable to be themselves. Hopefully, this strong group of seniors can work together to improve the already well-run institution that is Northwood School. 


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