Ring the Bell for Northwood! 

This year marks the 6th annual Ring the Bell. The special day of fundraising creates enthusiasm, excitement, and support for Northwood School. The March 3rd event celebrates the spirit and generosity of Northwood School’s alumni, parents, and friends. There will be an online fundraiser which allows alumni and parents from all around the world to participate in this fantastic event. 

Mr. Tom Broderick is organizing this year’s Ring the Bell for Northwood. “Ring the Bell is the biggest celebration for Northwood,” Broderick said. “We call it a day for Northwood where we ask our alumni, students, and parents to give back to the school.”  

This is a perfect opportunity for the Northwood community to show their appreciation for the school. All funds raised through Ring the Bell go to the Northwood Fund which funds some of the school’s highest priorities, including financial aid and LEAP.  

Broderick emphasized that “This idea of a giving day is more of a celebration where we try to get everyone enthusiastic about the school.”  

There is a role for current students in the Ring the Bell. “What I would love is if every student gave their donation equal to their graduating year,” said Broderick, “so if you are a 2022 graduate you would donate $20.22.”  

Some students might ask why should I donate my hard-earned money to the school? Mr. Broderick said “To support the school. Student donations show that you love the mission of the school and are willing to give to support it.” 

Ring the Bell for Northwood gives the Northwood family an opportunity to give back. Parents, students and alumni can donate from all over the world. Ring the Bell is a potent annual celebration that is crucial for Northwood. This year the school would love to have 100% student participation in the donations to the annual fund. Give back to the school and donate equal to your graduation year. Click here to Ring the Bell for Northwood. 


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