Humans of Northwood: Raychel Germaine

“I was born in Phoenix Arizona. I moved away when I was two. I moved about thirteen times before I was the age of thirteen. I lived in Germany, the East coast, West coast, North, South, all of it.

I grew up playing soccer, and I was in competitive soccer until I was fourteen when I decided to try out for luge. My dad was on the luge team in the late 80s and early 90s. I came up to Lake Placid from Georgia to try out. I was told that I was too old and too small to make the team. I fought this decision and asked for the summer to prove myself. I  went through physical testing and made the team.

Germaine on the podium at a Luge World Cup event. (Photo provided)

I started competing internationally in 2011, I made the youth Olympic Games in 2012 in Innsbruck Austria. After that I made the Junior National Team and competed internationally on the Junior World Cup circuit from 2012-2015 and in 2015 I became the Junior National Champion. I then made the Senior National Team, raced World Cups, and got top tens in a few races. 

I tore my shoulder in 2015 and got shoulder surgery. This put me back a lot, I went from being extremely strong and happy about how I was with sliding, to not even being able to put my hair up for a few months. I ended up making the World Cup team that year and World Champs. I was really happy and proud of myself that I was able to go from my lowest times to my highest. 

In 2018 I competed for a spot on the Olympic team, but I didn’t make it, and it was one of the hardest years of my life. I thought about quitting but I decided to compete again. I had a really good year competing that year, and was proud of myself for bringing myself up from the bottom to the top. I think a lot of people experience that in their athletic career. You can’t ride the high forever.

Ms. Raychel Germaine is the Director of Ski Operations for Northwood School.

As told to Leah DeFilippo ‘22. Photos provided.




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