Tips and Tricks for Online Learning

Online learning and teaching can be very challenging for many students and teachers. At Northwood, students are usually able to engage in new material in a traditional classroom setting. Now, students have been introduced to remote learning via technology and online.

Don DelNegro, who is in his 27th year as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Boston Bruins, spoke with Ms. Fagan’s Honors Biology class on April 30. (Photo: Ms. Marcy Fagan)

Some students may be able to learn very quickly and easily this way; however, some find it very challenging to grasp the material. Not only is it a different way of learning, but also there are also no exact class times, study halls, or schedules.

Online learning may be intimidating, but you may find the following tips and tricks very helpful to not only make learning more successful but to manage your time more easily and efficiently.

The first tip is to stay focused on the right mindset. Before starting your work, make sure you are in a clean and comfortable workspace with no distractions. As Dr. Finnerty Paul says, “Get out of your pajamas! Get dressed and brush your hair and teeth as if you are going to your physical class.” Having a positive and confident mindset on your schoolwork will make you more likely to get it done on time and less likely to avoid it.

Having a schedule is very helpful. Schedules help get work done and aid you in steering clear of procrastination. Make sure to add personal hobbies and activities along with school on your schedule. Having a schedule gives students and teachers a better understanding of their duties and keeps them energized and motivated to get their work done. Google Calendar helps big-time at creating schedules. Having a list is also very beneficial in getting your work done because it allows you to check things off making you feel accomplished.

Although online learning may seem challenging at first you will soon get the hang of it. If you have a hard time grasping new material, do not be afraid to reach out to your teachers. We are all in this together through the whole process, just be sure to take advantage of your resources.

Looking for more tips? Try this article from edX, a leader in online education founded by Harvard and MIT.


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