Humans of Northwood: Ben Norton ‘22

Ben Norton

In England, ice hockey is not what comes to mind when people think of “hockey.” Field hockey is. Although I did play field hockey for South Yorkshire, ice hockey has always been my main focus. That’s why my family and I made the decision for me to leave home in Doncaster, England to attend Northwood.

Coming to Northwood came with massive sacrifices. The biggest one was leaving behind my brother, Daniel, and the rest of my family. But I believed that Northwood would give me the best opportunity to further my hockey career at an American University.

My experience in America so far has been one I will never forget. I have really enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world, especially my roommate from Mexico, and learning about their different cultures and backgrounds. Of course, it was very difficult to leave home, but I always look forward to the time I get to see my family.

Northwood is completely different from my old high school because hockey wasn’t a part of my everyday life like it is at Northwood. Back home, I had to play other sports that I wasn’t really interested in. At Northwood, I’m able to really focus on hockey in such a beautiful location. One thing I don’t like about Lake Placid, though, is that bus rides for games seem to be a minimum of four hours. But I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’m given here. I’m excited to see where my path takes me.

– As told to Aimee Headland ’20


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