Renowned Climbing Film Comes to Northwood

At Northwood there are many students who are very passionate about rock climbing. A couple of weeks ago, Reel Rock films made a stop at our school for a screening of Reel Rock 14.

I sat down with Kip Morgan ’20 to get more information about what Reel Rock is, who makes it, why the film group decided to come to Northwood and other things.


“What is the Reel Rock Tour and where the films are shown?” was the first question I asked Morgan. He stated, “The tour is a collection of short films that come out, normally 3-5 films, about rock climbing or mountaineering. The films are an annual event that has been going on for 14 years.” The films are shown in more than 500 countries around the world.

I asked Morgan what these films were about and he stated, “There are 4 films in Reel Rock 14. The first one follows Nina Williams climbing a boulder problem called Too High to Flail which is a 50ft tall v-10 boulder…The next short film follows a group of climbers talking about bringing together a community in Joe’s Valley Utah…There was also a short look into a Full-length feature that will be coming out soon. That will look at Marc-André Leclerc’s career as an alpine soloist…The last film was about the speed record on A route on El Capitan called the nose.”

“The film is made by North Face and Sender Films with help from Black Diamond, Yeti, Swell, and a few other brands that give support.” Stated Morgan, when asked about who is all involved in the development of the films. After asking who makes the films I asked him why he thought it would be a good idea for the films to come to Northwood? Morgan Stated, “The tour came to Lake Placid maybe two years ago… the film didn’t end up doing as well as people hoped. I remember having a conversation with Mr. Mellor about how it was a sad turn out for the Climbing community and then a smaller venue it would’ve done rather well.” Deciding that the Northwood auditorium would be the perfect size venue for the films, Morgan contacted Reel Rock and they came to show the films.


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