Skiers Prepare for Season with Austrian Training Camp

Each year, the Northwood ski racers launch their season with a training camp, and this year the team trained on a glacier in Austria. “Ski clubs, academies, and programs often train in other countries to get days of training before there’s enough snow here in the States,” Coach Terry DelliQuadri, Director of Alpine Skiing, explained.

Every day for two weeks, the ski racers in Austria woke up for breakfast at 6:30 AM, got on the bus to the mountain at 7:20 AM, had their first runs at 8:00 AM, and trained until 12:30 AM. After lunch, they trained some more and headed back to their hotel in the afternoon. In the midst of this tight schedule, the skiers continued to balance rigorous training and schoolwork. “Even though we did have study hall every day, many of the skiers were stressed out. They had to put in extra work to get caught up,” said Coach DelliQuadri.

On their way back, the athletes had a five-hour bus ride to Zürich, Austria, followed by a flight to Newark Airport, and then rode a bus back to school. They came back at around 2:00 AM but were back in class the next day.

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