Humans Of Northwood: Arnezha Astwood ‘21


Arnezha Astwood ’21 (Photo: Michael Aldridge)

“My name is ‘Nezha, I’m 17, and a junior. I’m from the island of Bermuda and I play soccer. I love being on the soccer team: it is like a family. We bump heads but we stick together. I like the people at Northwood and some of the teachers. I like how it’s a no-judge place and you can feel comfortable. One thing I don’t like about Northwood is the cold. My future plan is to go to a great athletic university where I can step closer to my dream of becoming a professional soccer player and or an accountant. In my free time, I usually play pool. You can find me most of the time down in the student center, I also like to play video games with my mates.”

As told to Olivia Paul ‘21


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