26 Prizes Awarded at Banquet


Recipients of athletic and co-curricular awards at the banquet on May 7, 2019.

At the opening of the Athletics and Co-Curricular Awards Banquet, Athletic Director Mr. Gino Riffle said, “The Athletic Banquet is the beginning of the end for the Seniors.” It marks the start of graduation season. The Athletic Banquet is a tradition that honors every athlete and cocurricular participant. For each sport and cocurricular, a coaches award is presented. In other sports, such as tennis and skiing there are awards given that honor notable members of the sports community that are given to the athletes that the coaches feel best honor the ideals of said person. This year, a total of 26 awards were given to 23 students ranging from Hockey to Theater.

The night started with Mr. Riffle thanking the faculty, kitchen staff, and maintenance team for all they do for the community. Then the awards were presented: half before dinner, and half being after.

Some of the surprises included co-award recipients, a recipient who was unable to participate in his sport, and an emotional speech.

I got a chance to catch up with the recipients of the awards mentioned above. Four year survivors John Biechler and Trevor Souza were captains of the Prep Hockey team and both were given the coach’s award. This was a rare occasion to see a co-award, coaches Jeff Miller and Tom Broderick said the following about the two of them:

“Trevor is a four-year player at Northwood, and one of the captains of this year’s Prep Team. He was a steady and reliable defenseman for us this season, and his dedication to the team makes it a true pleasure to present him with the coaches award.”

“The second recipient of this award is also a four year survivor, but I’ve known him much longer than that,” Coach Broderick said of Biechler. “I think I first began coaching him when he was 10 with CAN-AM. For the team he provided much needed leadership. If you saw him when he was with the team, on the ice, you would see the team respond. More importantly on a number of occasions he challenged me on decisions that were being made, and I don’t think you realize how important that is to have a captain advocate for his teammates.”

Trevor Souza said, “I was excited about winning the award and I’m glad I got to share it with a good friend of mine. I think he deserved it as well.”

The Boy’s lacrosse award took some observers by surprise. Nate Boak ‘20 has been unable to play this season due to medical circumstances. Despite his inability to be on the field, Nate has showed up to every game to be on the sidelines with his team, supporting and taking statistics for the team. Coach Mr. Jamie Welsh said:

“There are many ways to contribute in team sports. One is by showing your dedication and your desire to play. This year’s Boy’s Lacrosse award recognizes an athlete whose presence on the field was missed, mostly by Will Arquiett. Nate battled through a 70 game hockey season and has been battling some health issues. Although he could not be on the field, he supported our team at every practice and every game. His influence was positive and his desire to be part of the team never wavered. Thank you for demonstrating what it takes to be a team player.”

“I felt very honored and proud of my team and my coach,” Boak said after the ceremony. “I’ve spent three years with him and we have a special bond that’s hard to find, and so I just felt honored.” When asked if he felt he deserved it, he felt it could’ve gone to anyone. “I think anybody would have deserved that award. We all put in our best efforts.”

The most memorable speech would have to go to ski coach Ms. Katie Haggerty’s remarks about U19 skier Jane Baumer. In the middle of the dedication, Ms. Haggerty started to break down into tears.

“Within the past three years she has faced more injuries and disappointment than hopefully most of us will endure in our lifetime. And somehow she’s still here and smiling, still working insanely hard in the gym every single day and still has her sights set to compete again. She is an inspiration and has left a deep mark on not only our ski team but the entire Northwood community. I’m honored to present this award to the comeback Queen herself, Jane Baumer.”

Jane was touched, saying, “I was honored. It was very special. I’m going to miss being a part of the Northwood Ski Team next year.”


The 2018-19 Athletics/Co-Curricular Award Recipients


Rock Climbing: Kip Morgan ’20

CARE Service Award: Morgan Broderick ’19

Basketball: John Bai ’21

U17 Soccer: Sean Kgwakgwa ’21

U19 Soccer: Alex Van Schalkwyk ’19

Alpine Skiing: Jake Reynolds ’19

Alpine Skiing: Sarah Coombs ’19

Freestyle Skiing: Kevin Quinn ’19

David Phelps/Kimbal Award: Maddie Kostoss ’21

Crew: Jessica Jang ’20

Junior Hockey: Cody Monds ’19

Golf: Margot Rouquette ’20

Prep Hockey: Trevor Souza ’19 and John Biechler ’19

Girls Hockey: Lexi Hooper ’20

Girls Lacrosse: Jasmin Valenzuela ’21

Boys Lacrosse: Nate Boak ’19

Ted Boardman Award: Jake Reynolds ’19

Mountain Biking: Jordan Harris ’21

Robotics: Isaac Newcomb ’19

Drama: Sean Kgwakgwa ’21

Volleyball: Chelsea Smith ’19

Rec Skiing: Jordan Harris ’21

Girls Soccer: Aimee Headland ’19

Whitewater: Beth Fisher ’19

Music: Isaac Newcomb ’19


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