Multi-Sport Athletes at Northwood

Northwood is not a traditional high school or prep school. Student-athletes make up the majority of the school population, and they play their main sports throughout most of the school year. With hockey practices that start in early September and the first game typically at the end of the month, hockey players don’t get to play a fall sport. Similarly, with the soccer season kicking off in September, extending through the winter and into spring, soccer players have a hard time trying to explore sports other than soccer. The situation is very much the same for skiers at Northwood. With weight room training that begins in September and a series of ski trips from mid-October, skiers have only a limited amount of time to play other sports.



Many student-athletes at the school had been top players in different sports as well as in their main sports when they came to Northwood. Northwood does a great job in facilitating the growth of its athletes in hockey, soccer, and skiing, but many of them feel the lack of opportunities to play their second or even third sports at school. Zach Ellsworth ‘20 said, “I consider myself a two-sport athlete, my second sport being golf.” He wishes to be a multi-sport athlete in college as well. “It’s evident that Northwood is focused mostly on hockey. I do get to play golf about every day in the spring, though,” he added. But is Ellsworth getting the right training to be ready to play high-level golf in college? “I sometimes wonder if I would’ve been able to focus on both golf and hockey if Northwood were a traditional prep school,” said Ellsworth.

Ellsworth is only one of the many multi-sport athletes at Northwood who have the same concerns. Margot Rouquette ‘20 said, “Hockey is a big part of my school life right now, and I wish that the school was putting as much effort [as they put into hockey] into other sports because there are a lot of students who play other sports too.” Rouquette is a golf player as well.

It is no exaggeration to say that Northwood’s schedule revolves around hockey, skiing, and soccer. This makes it hard for some athletes to play at a competitive level in other sports. Yet, students are still attracted to Northwood so that they can advance in their main sport.


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