New Students Concerned About Frigid Lake Placid Winter

Northwood has many new students from all across the globe, including those from countries with warm climates who have never experienced a winter as cold as Lake Placid’s. Some of them expressed concerns about the fast-approaching extreme weather conditions typical in the winter of Lake Placid.


Northwood School in Winter.


Pedro Paggi ’19

Senior Pedro Paggi ‘19, a soccer player from Brazil, said, “At the beginning [of this school year], I was afraid of this [cold] weather, but I’m getting used to it. What I don’t like is that as a soccer player, I train outside. Even though the soccer players are all layered up and moving, we can still feel that we are freezing. I know that the cold weather hasn’t truly arrived yet, so we have time to be more prepared than we are now. Personally, I am getting ready for the cold by wearing a lot of layers and keeping the heat in my room always on.” Paggi saw snow for the first time in his life a couple of days ago, and “got kind of emotional.”



Vicente Castro ’19

Another soccer player, Vicente Castro ‘19 from Chile, is new to the coming cold as well. “Never in my life have I seen the amount of snow that is expecting us. It’s going to be something new,” Castro said. He added, “But I’m not afraid. I’m actually excited to share this new experience with great people at Northwood.” However, Castro prefers training in warmer conditions because “it doesn’t feel good when you can’t feel parts of your body in cold weather, especially your feet, the main resource in soccer.”



Photos: Mr. Michael Aldride


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