Students Enjoy the New Turf Scene

The new turf field here at Northwood has been a great addition to our school. Before the turf became apart of our school, the space was used for indoor tennis courts. The turf is frequently being used by many students every day. From laying down and relaxing to kicking a ball between a few friends, the turf is a great space that can be used for many different things.

The new turf has been a favorite for a lot of the new soccer players at Northwood who use it a ton during their free time. Almost every day, there are kids down on the turf playing small-sided games, with loud music creating a nice vibe.

Many of Northwood’s sports can use the new turf. Coaches can use the open space for a variety of different things. The turf will be useful for the soccer team especially when it gets really cold and the fields are covered with snow.


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