Meet Ms. Tara Wright


School psychologist Ms. Tara Wright (Photo: Sarah Bennett ’19)

I came to Northwood because I wanted to work with high school students. It would be a great experience to work with kids that are a little bit older because I have been working with kids pre-K through 12 over the years and I wanted to focus on the adolescent population.

I am Northwood’s school psychologist and I also work as a Learning Center coach. I work as a counselor, so I do therapy with kids and then I also do educational assessments and psychological assessments where I’ll test kids’ IQ, level of academics and then I’ll also do testing to find out if they are having any social problems or anything else like that.

I have a lot of years of working with kids in all different socioeconomic classes and all different ages. I have a lot of experience working with families. I did case management when I was younger so I’ve done a lot of work helping kids coordinate their services.

I have four kids. They keep me pretty busy. I’m busy going to all of their activities. I like to cook and to run.

I really like Northwood so far. The difference is that it is a boarding school. I have never worked at a boarding school. I think it is really neat to see all of the activities the kids are doing and be able to work with kids outside of the school day.

I was a school psychologist in a public school before Northwood, and I worked with elementary school, middle school, and high school kids.


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