Students Get Outside for Dorm Activities

On Monday night, students marked the start of spring at Northwood by heading outside for dorm activities. For the past months, students have been limited to staying inside for their activities due to the cold and nasty weather. The tides changed Monday: it was a beautiful day in Lake Placid, allowing the students to get outside.




In the boys’ dorm, the West side went to the basketball courts and played a B-ball game, while others on the West tossed around a frisbee. Senior Sam DiBitetto is a huge basketball fan, and he was happy to be able to play outside. “Since they took the hoops in the gym down, I haven’t played in forever. Even with the hoops up, all games were played inside. It was nice to get outside.”

After going outside, the boys were able to watch some NHL playoffs in the student center before study hall.

The East side got outside and played a big game of Wiffle ball, with two teams split up between 2nd east and the 3rd floor. Junior Sean Bunting said, “Wiffle ball is an unreal game, just a battle between the boys. It is always nice to get outside and have some fun.” There is some debate about who won, but the game looked intense.

The girls from Bergamini dorm walked into town to Stewarts. The mild weather made for a pleasant walk into town. The House, which only has a few girl residents, made a fire outside with Ms. Miller.

The students enjoyed getting outside together. Let’s hope the weather in Lake Placid continues to get warmer and the sun is out more.


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