Restaurant Review: Eleanor’s Pasta Kitchen

Lake Placid might have added the most popular restaurant yet in Eleanor’s Pasta Kitchen. Eleanor’s was added last spring, and almost every day you will catch a group of Northwood students enjoying  a meal at the cozy eatery.

Eleanor’s has already become one of the hottest and popular places in town, especially for Stephen Panico 19’ who said, “It’s by far my favorite restaurant in Lake Placid I could go there everyday and I would never get sick of it”.


Everything at Eleanor’s is made to order right in front of you.

Eleanor’s is an Italian restaurant with a traditional Italian theme. It has Italian music in the background and pictures on the wall of the owner and his Italian family. However, it differs from other Italian restaurants because it is primarily a take-out place, even though there is some seating. They make everything on the spot so it’s a perfect place for a quick bite. The service is quick, where you can create your own dish or order one of the specials; either way you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.


Two of the many pasta dishes available at Eleanor’s

They offer many different types of pasta, including Cavatappi, Linguine, Tortellini, and Fusilli. They have a wide variety of sauces to top your pasta, such as Pomodoro which is your basic red sauce, Alfredo, and also pesto sauce. After building your own pasta dish, you can also add a variety of meat into it, including meatballs, chicken, bacon, or sausage. You’re guaranteed to have a good meal. To top it all off you can add your own type of vegetable to your dish, including tomato, garlic, or onion. Every meal also comes with a side garlic bread, which almost everyone loves.

My favorite dish is the Cavatappi with Pomodoro sauce and meatballs. The sauce is nice and rich. It also has the perfect amount of pasta in it where you won’t feel too hungry or heavy when you leave. You will be perfectly satisfied.

Eleanors4Patrick Callahan ‘18 joined me on a recent trip to Eleanor’s. He described it as a place where “everybody loves to go. You always know you’re going to get a good meal. My favorite is the linguine with Alfredo sauce with bacon,” said Callahan. “The bacon is cooked to the perfect amount to be nice and crispy and the sauce is the perfect flavor to go along with it,” he added.

Junior Sean Bunting is another fan of Eleanor’s. He joined us for the meal and had the only critical thing to say about the restaurant. “They don’t have a drink machine,” Bunting said, “so when you’re thirsty you have to walk all the way over to Wyatt’s (the restaurant next door) to get a drink.”

Despite that minor problem, Eleanor’s is a top 5 restaurant in Lake Placid. Eleanor’s is only going to grow and become more of a success once more people realize that this small Italian shop is there. It will certainly become one of the most popular landmarks in Lake Placid.


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